Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Great Pretender

Evan Goin' To Work

Evan was a master of the art of make believe. I never realized toddlers started pretending at such a young age. When we played outside, we stepped not into the backyard, but "the Jungle" (although, I wonder if that was just a commentary!) We had to watch out for the alligators in the creek. Sometimes Evan would just grab a long stick, sit on the little bridge that crosses the creek, and go fishin'.

When we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Evan would get in the little car and say, "I'm goin' to work." Only to return in about 30 seconds to say, "I'm back!" He worked a lot at home, too. He'd pick up Duncan's briefcase, and say, "Goin' to work. Got my briefcase."

Evan the Tool Man

But I don't think anything brought out Evan's creative side more than tools. He was working on various projects (or projets, as he would say.) He had his Little Tykes workbench, which was also known as his table saw. When Daddy was installing some beadboard in the downstairs bathroom project, Evan was close by with his "table saw" preparing pieces to give to Daddy. When Grandpa was here working on the same project, Evan carried around a large yellow level, which he called the chain saw. We didn't tell him that there was no need for a chain saw on an indoor project, because it was just pretend. He also pretended to nail with the real nail gun (unplugged, of course), using stunningly convincing sound effects (a little boy trait is the sound effect.) When the bathroom project was done, Evan walked in "his bathroom" and said, nodding, "We did a good job!"


Grandma said...

Evan had a wonderful imagination. I remember he found an old mop handle and went around the yard with his 'weed whacker'. The lantana beside the garage will never be the same after his whacking. He was so much fun.

Mary Beth said...

what great memories.

grandma said...

I remembered today how Evan pretended to plug in electrical appliances. He would put the plug under a cushion and then pretend to use the appliance. He was very clever that way.

Pam said...

Evan would also "plug in" electrical plugs in a drawer in our bureau, and then start to work!