Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Worries

The wedding last night was beautiful. Wes and Sarah are official now. Woohoo! Nothing was set on fire, and Duncan did great. He ambled slowly down the aisle with the matron of honor, stopping to look back at the guitarist. He got down the aisle to me, then turned directly around and went back up waving along the way. It was like he was the little king, and we were his subjects. Thankfully, Justin was at hand, so Duncan ran to him. Whew! Unfortunately, we were too busy to take pictures, so we'll have to rely on the pros. I wish someone had gotten some pics of Duncan waving at everyone. He was really in his element. So, two late nights for the little king. He didn't fuss or get cranky. He really enjoyed the attention, and staying up late. Tonight we plan on getting back to schedule. That should be fun.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red Flag Warning

Much of the state is now considered to be in an exceptional drought, and at least the northern half has been put on a complete watering ban. So much for my gardens! Today the northern half of the state has a red flag warning. This means conditions are right for fires--it's dry as a bone and there's a gusty wind.

Last night we attended the rehearsal for Justin's sister's wedding. We were standing around in the dark, amused because the minister couldn't see her notes. I asked what sort of lighting there would be. I was told they will have tiki torches lit, and a great big bonfire set up just beyone the wedding party. So my first concern is that my inlaws may set their neighborhood on fire. But my greatest concern (the one that was there before I heard about the red flag warning) is about Duncan making a mad dash at the bonfire. He's one of the two ring bearers. The other is his cousin, Beau. Beau is super sweet and has a little bit of a wild streak. He and Duncan had lots of fun chasing each other around last night. The two ringbearers are supposed to walk down the aisle with the matron of honor, Natalie (Justin's other sister.) She'll be holding their hands. Then the boys (4 and 16 months) are supposed to wait until the father of the bride gives the bride to the groom, and then he'll take the boys with him. Natalie (and I) don't think Duncan will stand patiently that long. So, there's really not a plan for Duncan. Last night there was talk of the boys going to their own fathers who are not in the wedding. No one knew quite how that would happen, either. I keep thinking of that Gary Larsen cartoon where a guy is doing a math problem and he's written "a miracle happens" for the work, and then an answer. I suppose Justin may just have to step in a make the grab. I keep picturing myself doing a Bionic Woman sort of feat and saving Duncan from the bonfire. Does someone else's wedding need to be this stressful for me (and Justin)? I just hope we won't have to call 911 tonight!

Have a great wedding, Pookie, and more importantly a great marriage!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'm totally obsessed with this season's Top Chef. The drama, the high stakes, the food, the egos! The finale is next week, and I keep wondering who the winner will be. I feel like the viewer is finally getting to know the personalities of the contestants here at the end, which makes choosing a favorite tougher. While I wait for next Wednesday's episode, I've been watching episodes from the other Top Chef shows. Of course, already knowing who won kind of spoils the surprise, but it's still fun to watch the excitement in the kitchen. Funny, because I'm totally not a great cook. Justin is the one who experiments and throws things together. I'm the one that has to have the cookbook open. I don't have enough confidence in my cooking to stray too far from the pages.

I'm also hooked on the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. LaLa this is totally your fault. I started reading a few weeks back when they were giving pregnancy tests for all of the female cows. Being pregnant myself with a touch of morning sickness (just a touch?!), those first few posts had me queasy. Well, she's moved on to telling the Harlequin romance of the meeting of her hubby, aka Marlboro Man. She really knows how to draw a story out. She's also an incredible photographer.

And tonight I'll be saying "Sayonara Grey's Anatomy" and "Helloooooo The Office!" I was hooked on Grey's for awhile, but honestly, I'm sick of all of the passive aggressive "love" stories. There were a few episodes where people were in ICU and on life support and what not, and I decided I had enough of that in real life, and wanted something funny. So, Justin and I have watched the first three seasons of the Office this summer on DVD, and now we're hooked!

Braves, I guess you're on your own tonight. Happy TV watching everybody!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the Pink

Well, it's a girl. Now I guess we'll have to buy some girl stuff. Barbies, Bratts....(shudder) I guess the first thing we'll have to think of, however, is a name. And, yes, we'll keep this one secret, too.

I think Duncan will be a good big brother. He's taken an interest in a couple of babies in the nursery at church. He also likes to kiss toes. It will be very cute if he kisses his little sister's toes.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Driving Miss Pammy

Tomorrow is a big day! We'll be going to the doctor for my second Old Lady Ultrasound. There's a possibility that we may find out the sex of little nipper 3. Of course, Grandma and LaLa are all excited. In fact, they asked me several times after my first Old Lady Ultrasound if we found out, like they didn't believe me when I told them no the first time. Am I that untrustworthy? Or am I known for being particularly sneaky?

The ladies in my Bible Study snicker when I tell them about my Old Lady tests (I'm one of the younger members of the class.) I tell them how my doctor refers to "my condition" as Advanced Maternal Age. (The way he says it, the caps are totally there!) I even told them about a 36 year old friend who's doctor called her pregnancy a Geriatric Pregnancy. As if my self esteem needed any more kicking. And the hormones just make everything worse. I find myself tearfully asking Justin questions like, "Do you still love me?" and "Do you think I'm pretty?" I'm surprised he hasn't said, "Yes, but I also think you're kookoo." That just shows you what a great guy I married. Justin gets major kudos for all of the junk he's had to put up with. Tomorrow we'll also have to endure Genetic Counseling. I think all that is is telling some doc that no we don't have Down's syndrome in the family. Well, think about us and I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Duncan Hangin' Out with his Best Buddy...and Daddy

Duncan took a nice, long nap late this afternoon. When he awoke it was almost time for dinner. He was hungry and wanted to go to the kitchen for a little snack and a chug of milk. All three of us sat down with some crackers and proceeded to munch. Duncan was next to me, but started to move over towards his Daddy. He's been somewhat Daddy obsessed lately, so I figured he wanted some lap time. Much to my surprise (and Justin's), Duncan started to push on his Daddy's back, as if to try to push him off the sofa. I wondered, "Has Mommy won this round?" He successfully pushed Justin off, then stood up on the sofa. Justin stood there, like, "What just happened?" Then Duncan lifted up his arms to be picked up. Justin picked him up. Then Duncan points to the kitchen, and there they went. He just needed a ride.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Evan, Mommy Needs a Hug

Evan gives Mommy a snuggle

I've been pretty down lately. Suffering the loss of my little son was a difficulty no parent ever wants to face. But the extra hormones coursing through my pregnant body are just pushing my emotions to the limit. I have been looking at the journal I started when Evan was about 17 months old. I started it to have a record of all of the silly, cute, hilarious things he said. I also recorded his behavior and how I did. The portion I read last night talked about how he was becoming a snuggly little guy and how much fun it was. Duncan is approaching the same age, and I can see he's going to have snuggly tendencies, too.

I remember after I had Duncan, things were pretty rough. Duncan was screamy and needing to eat around the clock. I had the post pregnancy hormones coursing through my body then (and maybe a little postpartum depression?) I know for sure I wasn't getting enough sleep. And I may have been a tad cranky. Evan decided that this was the time to give up his afternoon nap. I so needed a nap, and just a mental break. No matter how much I begged and pleaded, it wasn't happening. I resorted to locking him in his room, trying to bribe him with sleeping in Mommy's bed. Nothing doing. And I'm not proud to say, on a few of these occasions (usually when neither boy was napping), I lost it. I yelled. I cried. I felt like the worst Mommy ever. On these occasions and others when I was just down, I said to Evan, "Evan, Mommy needs a hug." Evan stopped what he was doing, walked over, and gave me a hug. He then returned to playing. Sometimes I would say, "Evan, Mommy needs another hug." He stopped once again, and came right over to hug me. This worked for kisses, too. I never asked for a third hug or kiss, because I didn't want to be too tiresome (even if I felt like I could use another one.)

Today I was feeling down and missing my huggy little Evan, so I got Duncan up from his nap a little early (actually he hadn't fallen asleep, yet.) We came downstairs and hung out for a bit. I started feeling guilty when he kept rubbing his eyes. I put him back to bed and he slept this time, undisturbed. After his nap Duncan wanted to be held. Thanks for the snuggles, Duncan.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Evan doing The Fly

As I listen to Duncan saying "Wat Dat?" all day long, I think back to Evan's first words. When Evan was about 15/16 months, he created Dagaboo (Dah-GAH-boo). He would point at an item of interest and say, "Dagaboo!" We figured out that this meant, "I want that." Dagaboo merged into Zow, but it was still probably considered a more caveman form of language. Point and grunt, or in this case say Dagaboo. When Evan started adding real words to his vocabulary, he often used the article "the" in front of them. Most of these words were verbs. Now he would point and say, "The Want!" when he wanted something. He also inadvertently was giving us a warning of coming behavior with "The Climb!" when he wanted to climb on something. Anytime Justin would lift Evan up on his shoulders or feet it was The Fly. The request to do this was something like, "Daddy, The Fly!" I think Justin's favorite (because he is a guy, afterall) was after he told Evan that he had had a toot. And Evan said, "The Toot!" with much excitement.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Adventures in the Kitchen, Part 4 - The Microwave

Duncan has recently started to do a little waving. His Grandma thought Duncan was squishing beans in his hand the first time she saw it. But he does it consistently enough for us to know that this is his wave. He balls his hand up in a little fist, palm towards himself, and there is a bean squishing movement of the fingers. One day Justin was showing Duncan around the kitchen. He showed him the stove, the table and chairs, and then the microwave. Duncan started to do his bean squishing move at the microwave in greeting. Because it was the micro-WAVE, of course!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ho Hum

Duncan gladly got in Grandma and Grandpa's car yesterday without looking back. And, I hear he's having a great time. Of course, they have a playground and yummy food. So, I'm Duncan-less thru tomorrow. And, of course, I missed him as soon as they pulled away. Had he looked at me and waved I may have been buoyed up for a while, but the road ahead was just too interesting. After five or six days of killer headaches and the lovely dry heaves, here I am by myself. It has been nice to have a little break and tidy up a bit. Justin even took me out to a fancy schmancy restaurant, where I had lobster tails. Yum! I was hoping to pamper myself and get a haircut, but I wasn't feeling up to it physically. So, I sit here at home listening to the rain pounding on the windows (we're getting rain--yahoo!) feeling a little lonely. A little depressed without my little fellow. A little pathetic, because the most interesting thing I did today was go to the grocery store (or was it doing the laundry?) Sigh. I think I need a hug.

Friday, September 7, 2007

What a Week!

Our little hacker at work

Duncan had a busy week of climbing tables, chairs, and stairs. He also learned how to open the door to my closet. Granted, the closet door knobs are easier to manipulate than, say, the doors to the outside, but this has kind of sent us in a panic. Many of the important doorknobs have covers over them. But if this kid is as smart as his big brother (which appears to be the case), he'll figure out how to open the doors with covers on eventually. Duncan also seems to figure out how to make something seemingly innocuous become a hazard. Justin carefully removed the workings of a pen and handed it over to Duncan, who immediately ran to the nearest outlet (the ONE that's not covered!) and starts poking the pen in it. We traded the pen for something safer, but not without some loud complaints from the boy. Duncan has also done some impromptu stripteases this week. He's decided that the diaper is keeping him from exposing himself in all of his naked glory. Tonight he ripped it off and handed it over to me, his adoring fan! Yikes! I've been under the weather all week. Hopefully, next week I'll be in better shape to steer my little monkey man in a safe and preferably clothed direction.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Banner Day for Duncan

Duncan with his beloved Curious George in a state of rest seldom seen today.

Duncan is getting over a cold, and I'm just coming down with it. He felt so much better today (and I was so out of it), that he really pushed the envelope. We've called him our little climber for awhile, and today he lived up to his nickname. He climbed all the way up the stairs twice. He climbed up on the kitchen table to play. He used the towel rod in his bathroom to climb partially up the wall! He also climbed onto the cedar chest at the end of our bed. I, obviously, was unable to keep up. I blame Curious George. I mean, I do call Duncan a little monkey, but I think all the Curious George viewing has encouraged him to go for broke. And who's to blame for letting him watch TV? comment?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Great Pretender

Evan Goin' To Work

Evan was a master of the art of make believe. I never realized toddlers started pretending at such a young age. When we played outside, we stepped not into the backyard, but "the Jungle" (although, I wonder if that was just a commentary!) We had to watch out for the alligators in the creek. Sometimes Evan would just grab a long stick, sit on the little bridge that crosses the creek, and go fishin'.

When we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Evan would get in the little car and say, "I'm goin' to work." Only to return in about 30 seconds to say, "I'm back!" He worked a lot at home, too. He'd pick up Duncan's briefcase, and say, "Goin' to work. Got my briefcase."

Evan the Tool Man

But I don't think anything brought out Evan's creative side more than tools. He was working on various projects (or projets, as he would say.) He had his Little Tykes workbench, which was also known as his table saw. When Daddy was installing some beadboard in the downstairs bathroom project, Evan was close by with his "table saw" preparing pieces to give to Daddy. When Grandpa was here working on the same project, Evan carried around a large yellow level, which he called the chain saw. We didn't tell him that there was no need for a chain saw on an indoor project, because it was just pretend. He also pretended to nail with the real nail gun (unplugged, of course), using stunningly convincing sound effects (a little boy trait is the sound effect.) When the bathroom project was done, Evan walked in "his bathroom" and said, nodding, "We did a good job!"