Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yes Man

Duncan has recently started nodding his head "Yes" to questions or in agreement. I ask him, "Duncan, do you want to go upstairs and play?" He nods yes, and starts walking to the stairs. I ask him, "Would you like to go outside and play?" He nods yes, and walks to the door. It works in the kitchen, too. Yes, he wants that yogurt, and he knows that the place to find it is in the fridge. However, I'm starting to wonder if he truly knows what he's agreeing to every time. Yesterday I asked Duncan, "Do you want to go get your hair cut?" Yes! Of course, when we got there he was completely miserable. As a test I asked him later in the day if he wanted to go get his hair cut and he nodded yes. Hmmmm. I think I'm getting mixed signals here. Maybe he just wants to get out of the house and go somewhere in the car. Or maybe he just likes to nod his head! Whichever it is it's a lot of fun, and awfully cute.


Anonymous said...

you and the yes man make a cute couple. lala

Amy said...

I love your hair! It looks really good.

I can't get Benjamin to nod. The last time I tried, he was in a high chair in a restaurant and he threw his head forward and down enthusiastically and hit the corner of his eye on the sharp edge of the table. There was a little blood and a lot of crying and guilt. I've decided he can nod when he's ready. He shakes his head and says "no" alot though. Together he and Duncan could confuse everybody.

Pam said...

Poor Benjamin! Nothing like a boo boo to put you in a panic.

I like my hair in that picture, too. That's from about a month ago. It needs to be cut...One of these days, when I can get out by myself.

Anonymous said...

very cute pic. You look nice, too. :-)