Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Freakin' Anniversary

So, I guess I should have known that our 8th anniversary was going to be a dud when I asked Justin last week: "What are we gonna do for our anniversary?" And he held out his arms, and said, "This is it." We were at a nice restaurant in the Caribbean. I said something like, "We don't have to go out, but you'll cook, right?" Justin does 90+ percent of the cooking around here, so making that suggestion was not completely outlandish. And honestly, it wasn't Justin's fault that it was just a bad day. Here's how it went:

Got all out of sorts because our HOA encourages tattle tailing.
I dropped off Duncan at school. He cried. I cried.
I was jamming to "I Ran" by the Flock of Seagulls...almost got into an accident.
Duncan fell asleep, so we got some McD's and went to the park for a picnic lunch and playtime (this was a lot of fun, actually.)
Got flipped off after leaving the park.
I decided I hated where we live, and should move.
Got some bad news from the doctor (he wants me to go on some medicine that makes me sick.)
Screamy Duncan
Dinner: Frozen Pizza
I watched the Braves game BY MYSELF!!!

On the plus side:
The trip to the park with D.
Justin got me a chocolate bar.
Got E-cards from my parents and sister

I guess I have high expectations.

Last year I got food poisoning a couple of days before our anniversary. We weren't sure if it was a virus or food poisoning at the time, so Justin kept the kids away all day. Evan would sneak upstairs to visit. He came in the door and looked at me, like he didn't know what to think of a sick mommy. I was pleased that he wanted to check on me, but was afraid he would get sick, too. Justin would quickly usher him out of the room. Unfortunately, on one of these occasions, I was grabbing for the throw up bowl. I did the deed. After seeing Duncan spit up for a few months, Evan knew what was going on with Mommy, and told Daddy, "Mommy spit up" as they left the room. I was recovered enough on our anniversary for us to go to the Aquarium. The grandparents came over to babysit. I had hoped to have fish for lunch, and go view fish, but I just wasn't up to it. I got a baked potato and salad, but the waitress forgot the salad, so she just charged us for my drink. So, that was probably the cheapest anniversary! And I don't recommend going to an underwater sort of exhibit when your tummy is a little queasy.

Well, there's always next year.


Anonymous said...

I beleive you sugested the pizza.

Pam said...

Did I? I don't recall. ;P

Amy said...

Awww... I always try to ignore Special Occasion Days because that way things aren't disappointing. All I ever want on my birthday now is cake. And it's cake that I pick out myself so that I know it's the kind I want.

What happened with the HOA? Were you being tattled on, or were you tattling?

Amy said...

PS - and for Craig's and my anniversary? I just try a little harder not to be mean to him that day! ;)

Pam said...

Cake. That's a great idea. One does have a way of getting one's hopes up about these days. So, maybe cake is the way to go.

We got tattled on. And we got a nastygram from the HOA. Argh!

Mary Beth said...

what did you do/ what rule did you break to warrant a nastygram?
Please dont move!!!!!

Betharoopie said...

Oh, I am *sooo* intrigued by your tattler incident. Maybe we should go somewhere not-so-public and have you dish about it?

Happy Anniversary, Pammy and Justin! I still remember that dinner at...what was it...The Spaghetti Factory? :)

I'm with Amy. My hopes get way low these days on special occasions. My birthday typically sucks, and Joe is usually out of town. So it's usually hanging out with the cats, knitting, with maybe a guilty pleasure food. I certainly know how to party...all I need is rollers in my hair and a shopping cart, and I'll be unstoppable...

Back to HOA - you must give us details!

Enough rambling...back to work...

Anonymous said...

We don't have an HOA so people can have trailers in their driveways(the inhabitants of said trailer have moved on, thank goodness) and apparently you can mow your lawn at 11:00p.m. I am sorry you got a nasty-booger-head neighbor. Don't move.
As for the anniversary, I have learned that it's just a date on a calendar. Yes, a special date to be sure, but as long as you celebrate SOMETHING at SOMETIME I can let go of doing it on the right day.
Happy 8th to you both!


sherrie said...

Going to the Carribean IS a pretty good way to celebrate an anniversary, you just have to expand your permissible anniversary celebration dates ;-) But cake sounds good, too...

And your HOA sucks. What, were they moaning about how you didn't mow your lawn enough while you out of the country? I hope they all get grubs.

Pam said...

Don't get me wrong. The trip was great. I'm totally not complaining about that. I mostly just had a bad day that happened to also be our anniversary day. Although, maybe takeout pizza would have been better than frozen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed with Kristi's adjectives. You go girl! Pam, cake is always great. Mom