Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Take 2 - Vacation Sum Up

I'm having some technical difficulties, so some of these pictures are sideways. Sorry about that.

Unknown Tropical Plant

We were surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants at the Royal West Indies Resort. Justin chose a room with a garden view, because he knew I'd enjoy all of the beautiful plants. He was right!

Here we are at Coco Bistro. A yummy restaurant with a wonderful (although somewhat mosquito-y) ambience.


Many of the gardens were lush and tropical, but the one on the way to the beach was more of a desertscape.

The boardwalk to the beach.

The soft white sand and incredibly clear water of Turks and Caicos. The water was very calm, so it made for easy swimming. I told Justin "We could see a shark coming way before it saw us." He said, "I wish you wouldn't talk about sharks while we're in the ocean!"

Justin defies gravity!

Next time ask me to smile, Justin!

The walks were surrounded by lush plantings.

Unknown tropical tree.

One of the pools. There's a little waterfall on the left.

Here's a bigger shot of the desertscape on the way to the beach.

Thanks Justin for a trip of a lifetime! Happy Anniversary!


Mary Beth said...

that's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I'm ready to pack up and go. Thanks for sharing the pics.

sherrie said...

Very pretty, I'm even more jealous than I was before! Were there no people, it looks deserted. Oh how I love an empty beach...

Pam said...

The beach wasn't deserted. There were people there all day, mostly from 10am on. Not ever crowded, tho. The mornings and evenings were pretty empty. This time of year is considered the off season.

sherrie said...

How was the weather? It looks lovely. We should plan a group trip! Not for your anniversary, though...

Pam said...

It was hot and humid, but there was a breeze most of the time.