Thursday, July 19, 2007

In the Butterfly Garden

I consider this to be my first real container gardening success. I've got Persicaria "Red Dragon," Sweet Potato Vine (which is obviously very tasty to some insect), Dracena, and a volunteer Spiderwort. In the little pot in front is what I call the Eye Ball Plant Spilanthes, and a groundcover Sedum.

I believe this is Echinacea "Razzmatazz." Quite a difference from the usual Coneflower form found below with Purple Coneflower.

Purple Coneflower

I looked at my Butterfly Garden and decided I needed more red. I found this amazing Gaillardia and had to have it. I'd never seen a solid color Gaillardia.

Orange Crocosmia. I don't think this picture does it justice. The color is so bright. I would definitely recommend this for a hot color garden. And it has the nice grassy spearlike foliage to boot. (Evan's Garden is in the background across the creek.)

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Amy said...

Hee hee. Eye Ball Plant.

Those are all really beautiful. I wish it rained here. Although I don't think lack of rain is the only thing keeping me from having a beautiful yard!