Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Hold on, I Gotta Take This..."

Evan, like most kids, really loved to play with the phone. We gave him an old cell phone, and he pushed the buttons and "talked" to someone on the other end. We got him a kid's toy phone, that looks a lot like a real cell phone, except it says things like, "Do you wanna come out to play?" and "I love you so much!" There are also a couple of musical selections that sound like they're fresh from Windham Hill. But even more fun than the pretend phones, were the phones that had useful lives as something completely different.

The calculator looks kind of like a phone, so it's only natural that a kid would treat it like one. Remote controls, too, have buttons to press and a certain predictable size. But our favorite "phone" of Evan's was a part of a set of toy dogs. There's the big dog (later named "Barky") attached to a small dog by a detachable lead ("Teeny Weeny Barky"). These toy dogs could be led around with a short detachable lead with a little bone for the handle. One day Evan picked up the bone when it was disconnected from Barky and Teeny Weeny Barky, and held it up to his ear to make an important call. We said, "Evan, that's not a phone, it's a bone!" And he said, "Bone Phone!"

Even though Evan was quite talkative on his pretend phone conversations, when it came to the real thing, he usually suffered from stage fright. I would hold up the phone so he could hear his Daddy speaking on the other end. I encouraged Evan with, "Say hi to Daddy." But he mostly just looked at the phone, as though he couldn't believe Daddy was boxed up in such a small package. As he got a little older Evan became a little more chatty. Not yet knowing the "rules" of conversation, he basically told Grandpa (or Daddy, etc.) on the other end of the line about the items he saw in the room. "My chair, tractor maw mower, Mommy...."

When we tried to introduce the idea of a banana phone to Evan, he just thought we were being silly!


Amy said...

I love when you try to show a kid something you think they'll love (like a banana phone) and they just look at you like, "Don't be ridiculous, that's a banana."
Benjamin has left me hanging a few times that way.

sherrie said...

I remember once when I was there, when he was smaller, he didn't talk on the "phones" yet: he would mumble mumble mumble unintelligibly for a while, and then say "OK, bye!" It was soooo cute!