Saturday, July 14, 2007

Adventures in the Kitchen, Part 3 - The Toaster Oven

Justin surprised me for Valentine's Day 2006 with an ugly blue pitcher, some cool plant seeds, and lots and lots of chocolate. He emptied out two bags of Dove chocolate into the blue pitcher, and placed the seed packs on top and put it unceremoniously on the kitchen table. When Evan and I came down for breakfast, I thought, "What is this weird pitcher doing here?" I looked in and saw all of the goodies. Evan and I shared some chocolate throughout the morning. I went upstairs to take a shower, leaving Evan to his own devices downstairs (watching Sesame Street.) I had placed the pitcher out of reach on top of the toaster oven. After my shower Evan came in. I gave him something that he usually liked to play with, but he wouldn't hold it. He seemed to be favoring one hand. I looked at his hand, and thought his finger looked a little strange. We went downstairs, and it smelled like the toaster oven was on. I knew I had not used it for breakfast, so I thought this was very strange. I looked at the toaster oven and it was off. But it had clearly been on recently. Then I noticed the kitchen chair pushed over to the counter and put two and two together. Evan had pushed over the chair, and climbed up on it in order to reach the chocolates on top of the toaster oven. He had inadvertently turned on the toaster, heated it up, and burned his little index finger. I immediately placed his hand under cool water. I made an appointment to get him checked out, and sure enough, he had a minor burn. All for the love of chocolate!

Last fall Evan received a goody bag for Halloween from school. It had all kinds of yummy candy and little toys in it. One of the toys was a little whistle. It was a cheap little thing and didn't make a great noise, but he liked it. One day Evan came in and said to his Daddy, "The whistle will be ready in five minutes." And he walked off. Justin sat there for a minute, and then decided to see what was up. He walked into the kitchen. Evan had placed his whistle in the toaster oven and turned it on!

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