Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adventures in the Kitchen, Part 2 - The Doughmaker

Evan in his firefighter costume on Halloween 2006 goes for the Doughmaker

Justin, our resident chef, regularly made pizza from scratch. He made his own dough, tweaking the recipe each week to try for the perfect blend of flavors and texture. Sometimes he was successful. Sometimes...not so much. Justin would put the dough into the free standing mixer to knead for a bit. Evan was transfixed. The sound, the motion, everything about the mixer was cool.

Evan and Daddy makin' the dough

When the dough had risen Justin would let Evan help him knead it some more, and form it into the desired shape for a pizza. Sometimes a circle, sometimes a rectangle. We also used the mixer to mix cookie and bread dough. It was always making dough, so naturally Evan called it the Doughmaker. Justin made homemade pizza about once a week. When he announced that we were going to have pizza for dinner, Evan would say, "Makin' the dough!" and run to the kitchen to help.

Since Evan died we have eaten frozen pizza. I'm not sure we've even pulled out the mixer. Last week I made Lemon Ice Box Pie for the Fourth of July, and used my hand held mixer. Duncan came running in to the kitchen to watch. The sound, the spinning, it was all marvelous to a little boy. And now we have another little fellow who's interested in the Doughmaker. I guess we have an excuse to start making pizza again.


Anonymous said...

One night at church Wednesday night supper Evan saw the stand mixer on the shelf. He ran forward, squatting down, and amazed everyone by saying, 'It's a dough maker.'

Betharoopie said...

Oh, sweetie. What a great memory. I hope Duncan helps you dust off the doughmaker with a signature dish all his own.