Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adventures in the Kitchen, Part 1 - The Refrigerator

Duncan has taken an interest in reorganizing the refrigerator. If the fridge door is open, he'll have a seat on the floor and start shifting things around. It's mostly condiments, but sometimes he's more daring. He'll pick up (and usually quickly set down) a whole gallon of milk. If Duncan is in another room, and sees me getting something out of the fridge, he'll hotfoot it to the kitchen, so he can play. If he gets there after the door has closed, he's not a happy camper. Once he's strong enough to open the door, he'll be in hog heaven.

Evan was also a refrigerator junkie. I remember when he finally was able to open the door on his own, the fridge was open more than it was closed. I tried to explain the merits of using the air conditioner to cool the house instead of the fridge. I also tried to talk to him about how our food would spoil. After some frustration over this, Justin and I decided to purchase a lock for the fridge. Justin installed it, and for a few days, Evan was the frustrated party. Instead of letting this get him down, he observed his Mommy and Daddy as they opened the lock. In no time at all Evan figured out how the lock worked, and started to demonstrate that he could use it, too. The funny thing was that after unlocking the lock, and opening the fridge, he'd close the door and make sure the lock was back in place.


sherrie said...

Ha! I knew he could open it, I didn't realize he'd lock it back again!

Anonymous said...

Evan always went directly to the refrigerator to get the milk and chocolate sauce to make 'chockit milk.' Mom