Monday, June 25, 2007

In the Garden

Hydrangea aborescens "Annabelle"

This is a picture from Evan's Garden. I wanted to include some hydrangeas, because I thought the big pom pom flowers would be fun for kids.

Here's Duncan hanging out with his favorite backyard toy: the hose. It's like an electrical cord, but he doesn't get in trouble when he plays with it AND it squirts water. What could be cooler?

Annabelle, closeup

This one's for you, Jane.

Duncan enjoys some common dayliles.

Here's a Bearded Iris I received from a Gardenweb pal. Unfortunately, I don't know the cultivar. She's a beauty, tho.

I have two Clematis vines climbing a trellis in my herb garden. It's just a nice ornamental centerpiece.

Evan's Garden
In this picture we have Annabelle Hydrangea, dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea, Astilbe, Louisiana Iris, Christmas fern, and Forget-Me-Nots.

Peony "Karl Rosenfield"
This was quite a showstopper for a few days. What's my secret for such a lovely peony bloom? I bought the plant this year...with a bud already on it! The real test will be if I can get it to bloom next year.

Clematis, closeup


Mary Beth said...

Love the flowers. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Amy said...

Duncan is so cute! I want to get him together with Benjamin so they can play near each other. Haha.

Your flowers are beautiful.

Pam said...

Ha Ha! I love how little kids play next to each other, but not really together.

sherrie said...

Very pretty. I'd offer you some fragrant plants, but mine are all the sort where you end up pulling out the little volunteers all over the garden. Also, they're in Massachusetts.