Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine!

Duncan is our early riser. If it's 7am Duncan is awake. He will wake up between 6:30 and 7 regularly. Sometimes he'll wake a little earlier, but it seems like his body hits his biological snooze button, and he'll fall asleep again until 6:30. At bedtime (around 8pm) he'll put up a little fuss, I call it the obligatory cry ("I gotta cry a little to make them think I'm mad, ah, who cares....zzzz"), and then settle down to, usually, sleep through the night.

Evan didn't want to go to bed early. If Evan didn't have to sleep, he wouldn't. He went to bed fighting, and would sleep when he just couldn't keep his eyes open for one more second. He would go to bed anywhere between 9-10pm, with lots of stories, songs, pleading, hugging, scolding, etc. He slept in to a more reasonable 8am. Every morning Evan would get up and come to our room first thing. If he was ready to go downstairs, he'd stand outside our door and open and close the door just a crack to see if we had gotten up, yet. He'd check often. Like, once every 2 -3 seconds. We'd try to coax him to come in to our room and hang out, but usually he was ready to start the day.

One morning I heard him come in. I kept my head down and pretended to be asleep. Evan was usually a noisy, rambunctious toddler, so I was surprised when he tiptoed into the room and up to my side of the bed. He was whispering quietly about mommy being asleep. I opened my eyes and grinned. Evan was about two inches from my face! We both had a good giggle about waking mommy up, and he became his usual chatty self at once.


Amy said...

I love that second picture. I have about a zillion pictures of Benjamin like that, where he's getting closer and closer to the camera.

What a sweet memory, of him coming up to you all whispering while you "slept."

Joe & Beth said...

A very sweet memory. Not knowing your boys very well, this is a wonderful way to get to know you and your family in all its little detailed, sweet moments.

I miss you!

sherrie said...

Ha! He peeked in on me once, too, it was soooo cute. Late to bed, late to rise, just like his sister-mommy! I miss that little love-bug.