Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Few More from the Garden

Echinacea "Evan Saul" (also known as Sundown Coneflower)

I reorganized my butterfly garden to include my Evan and Duncan cultivars.

Another shot of "Evan Saul"

Echinacea "Harvest Moon" in the foreground and Veronica "Sunny Border Blue" and Angelonia "Angel Mist" in the background.

I've discovered evidence of deer snacking on the hostas in Evan's garden. I like the deer, as long as they're not eating my plants! There was actually some damage on my black eyed susans, too. They're on the deer resistant list. And, as a fellow gardener has said, I guess the deer didn't read the book. Instead of buying deer repellent, I think I may just try to use more deer resistant plants in the future. They didn't stop to look at the ferns, and they don't like fragrant plants, so maybe I'll see what I can find. Any suggestions?

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