Monday, July 2, 2007

Family Raspberry Time

Blowing raspberries on a little one's belly is always big fun. When Duncan was just a few months old, I started this family tradition. I placed him on the changing pad for his diaper change. When the diaper change was complete, and Duncan's bare belly exposed, I blew a raspberry, and said, "Oh Duncan!" like he did something very naughty. Duncan would giggle. Evan loved the show, and came running over saying, "Do me, do me!" He would lie down on the pad (aka Duncan's briefcase) and lift his shirt. I blew a raspberry on his belly, and said, "Oh Evan!" Then I said, "Do me!" I lifted my shirt, and Evan blew a raspberry on my belly. He always looked a little bashful, but then he'd giggle and say, "Oh Mommy!"

Duncan has grown quite proficient at blowing raspberries. He uses Mommy's leg, arm, face. He'll even use furniture, toys, and balls to achieve the desired noise. And as always, the more spit, the better the sound.


Amy said...

For a long time Benjamin was continuously doing raspberries on my thighs (lots of good flesh there!) It was kind of embarrasing if we were in public. He also, for a short time, would do them on the kitchen floor. Gross!

After not doing it for a while, he just started again, now on my calf usually. I'm happy it's back. I'll have to try to get him to do my tummy!

sherrie said...

Ew, spitty belly is OK but cute ickle bicky froggies are gross?!! You so clazy!