Thursday, June 7, 2007

Evan's Garden

After Evan died I decided that I had to do something. Anything! I've always had an interest in gardening. So, the natural way for me to pay tribute to a special little boy was to plant a garden in his memory. I drew out a plan in January, and got to work in March. My parents, who instilled the gardening bug in me, came over and helped with the tilling and initial planting. We planted native Hydrangeas (H. aborescens "Annabelle" and H. quercifolia "Sike's Dwarf"), Christmas Ferns, white Astilbe, Hostas, and some Calla lilies I received after Evan's funeral. I went to a plant trade in April and received more goodies from my GardenWeb pals: Forget Me Nots, Daffodils, Louisiana Iris, Fairywand (Chamaelirium luteum), and Turk's Cap Lily. I also received some great garden art. I hoped to include some fun flowers and plants with interesting common names. Plants that I think Evan would have liked, but it was important that they be fun for Duncan, too.

Another backyard project was in my Butterfly/Hummingbird garden. I was disappointed in how wild it looked by the end of summer. Tall plants in back and short plants in front. I dug up most of this garden and took alot to trade in April. I watched a video that Evan liked called the "Monkeydoos." It looks like it was filmed at a Botanical garden. I loved the was the only way I could sit and watch the video with Evan and be entertained myself. So, I got some ideas from the movie and moved some stuff around and bought new stuff. The most important new acquisitions are the plants with the names Evan and Duncan in them. I purchased and planted Echinacea "Evan Saul" and Dahlia "Evan Matthew." I also ordered Bearded Iris "Duncan's Smiling Eyes." All of these (I haven't received the iris, yet) are up and looking beautiful. The Echs have buds, so flowers in the near future!

Gardening has truly been my therapy. If I go outside in tears, I work through the emotions while digging, planting, transplanting, mulching, whatever. I seldom come in upset after working. It's good physical work, but it's also creative. It's been a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to have completed my goal - a new garden for my boys. Although, gardens always need care and freshening up with dividing and even new plants, so it will never really be "complete." I know if we move that it will be tough to leave the memorial garden behind, but I can plant a new garden wherever we go. And start the whole therapeutic/creative process again.


Nat said...

Thanks Pam for starting a blog and sharing your pictures and memories of Evan with us. We all miss him so much and it is nice to have happy thoughts and memories and stories to remember him.

sherrie said...

I want to see the flowers when they bloom! More piccies, please!