Thursday, June 28, 2007

Double O = "oo"?

Evan giving Duncan instructions on toddlerhood. Duncan is clearly bowled over.

The wonderful PBS program "Between the Lions" would have you believe that double O is always pronounced "oo." And I'm sure we've all had teachers throughout our years of study that insisted on this pronunciation. My son, Evan, would have disagreed. He tackled the alphabet with his own unique style and to me, it will never be the same.

Evan's double O pronunciation was something like "ew." He would run excitedly to the window to watch the "schewlbus" go by. He liked to pretend he was on the "schewlbus", too. I have a big folding piece of cardboard that is used for measuring and cutting fabric. Evan would stand it up so that is was in the shape of a tall U, and say, "Look Mommy, I'm riding the schewlbus!" He also exclaimed this as he was riding along in the shopping cart at Lowe's.

I've already mentioned that Evan referred to Duncan's poo as "teeny weeny big monster poo poo." Well, what he actually said was "teeny weeny big monster pew pew."

When I found a tape recording of my senior recital, I brought up an old boom box from the basement to listen to it. (I don't really recommend this. It's better to have the blissful memories of a flawless program, than to hear what really happened!) Evan was very excited to have the boom box in reach. He pressed the buttons, listened to music and wondered out loud, "Where's the bewm box?" when it suddenly disappeared.

I can only remember one double O word that Evan pronounced correctly, and that was tool (or toolbox.) When he talked about Norm Abram on the New Yankee Workshop, Evan called him "the guy with the tools." Evan loved tools. He would point at a picture of something and name it, and I would have to look at the caption to discover, yes, he's right.

You may think that Justin and I must pronounce words in such a way to get comic relief from our son, but that's just not true. This was Evan's own invention. When Duncan came along, it's like Evan knew that Duncan wasn't spelled with a double O, but a U. And he called him, "Dooncan."


Mary Beth said...

what a great memory to share.

Did I ever tell you that on a trip to Boston Ty and I got to meet and Have lunch with Norm Abram on the set of the New Yankee Workshop? It was a very cool experience.

Happy Thursday!

Stephen said...

I enjoyed the memory, it made me smile when you wrote that Evan called Duncan "Dooncan." The next time I think of monster poo, I will totally think of Evan. God bless.

Pam said...

I'm looking forward to hearing that story!

I'm not sure I want to hear about your monster poo poos! ;)