Evan's Garden

Friday, April 24, 2015

World Meningitis Day

Today is World Meningitis Day. A day when we join hands together around the world against Meningitis. Please click on the links here to read up on the current Meningitis news, and learn the signs and symptoms. You may one day save a life!

Also, if you are a walker, runner, swimmer, or biker, you can log your miles with  MilesForMeningitis. It's a year long awareness campaign. There's no fee, no fundraising. Just type in your miles on social media with the #milesformeningitis hashtag, and that's it!

Thank you for your support!

Evan, whom we lost in 2006 to Bacterial Meningitis, and I joining hands against Meningitis.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Naptime is for Suckers!

After Evan turned 2 he didn't really want to take naps anymore. He'd grab one here and there, but usually the afternoons got longer, and the evenings got crankier. I especially needed for us all to nap when Duncan got here. Duncan wasn't the best sleeper for those first few months. When Evan did get in a nap, I was always surprised about the location. It wasn't ever somewhere normal, like his bed. It was on the floor or at the kitchen table. In this particular picture he's in his little rocking chair. Just a few feet away (on the other side of the wall) Justin was making an awful racket with a reciprocating saw or some other tool. I don't know if it was just that Evan was super tired, or that tool sounds were like lullabies to him, but he did sleep really well that afternoon!

Seeing Red

I ordered the flowers for today's church service. And, silly me, I didn't leave a note about wanting the bouquet to be colorful. So, I ended up with a solid white bouquet. Again. If you don't know how I feel about solid white bouquets, you can read all about it here. I guess it's my own fault, since I'm the picky one. I suppose it's all about Evan's purity again. Blah blah blah! Well, here are a few pictures of Evan in his favorite color.

Evan may have been seeing red himself when Grandma pushed him over to see the new guy. 

By age two Evan was definitely all about red. If he had a clean red shirt, that was what he wanted to wear.

He didn't pack up and leave us behind when I produced a blue shirt for him to wear, but he definitely preferred red.

His jacket was even red! ("Look at these pumpkin patches!" he would say about individual pumpkins!)

He liked red sauce with his pasta!

He showed a preference for red early on. 

He looked adorable in any color he put on. If he had the choice? It was red.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Creature Comforts

After a long afternoon and a drive in the car, not even a chocolate chip cookie could keep Evan from a little nap. When he woke up the Winter Olympics were on, and we watched the Luge event. For the next two weeks that we watched The Games, Evan asked for more Luge! But, of course, for me the best part was snuggling with my favorite little boy.

Big Brother

I can't say that Evan understood when we told him a baby was coming, and he was going to be a big brother. He seemed excited, and possibly a little nervous. When Duncan got here Evan seemed even less sure about the whole baby thing. Duncan was a crier. He cried more like a 3 month old than a newborn. In other words, the boy had a good set of lungs! He was cranky and needed his Mommy a lot. This cut into Evan's Mommy Time, and that was hard on all of us. In spite of all this Evan was a good big brother. He was a good helper to me when I needed something for a diaper change for Duncan. He brought "Duncan's Briefcase," which was the changing pad. He'd sit close by to observe the proceedings, and announce the state of the diaper. If it was a monster pee or turdlets. When Duncan started to try to roll over from front to back, Evan cheered him on. "Roll over! Roll over!" And when Duncan cried his big brother patted him on the head and said, "It's ok, Duncan." Or sometimes, "Duncan, be happy!" He looked out for his little brother, and was ready to be his first playmate.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Evan had other buddies besides Bear Bear. Before Evan was born we decided we wanted to decorate his room with a bear theme, so my in laws gave us a bunch of adorable bears to do just that. Except bears are more for playing with, snuggling, and toting around rather than sitting around looking cute. (Although, they're good at that, too.) 

A favorite bear with all of the kids is Snowbeary, aka "Mommy's Bear." Yes, that little polar bear is all mine! But I have had to be careful. We have kids with sticky fingers around here that sneak him into their rooms for snuggles.

Another favorite is "Gorilla" also known as "Monkey." Although, we did explain that he's not really a monkey. Gorilla (we're really clever with names here!) was a gift to Evan when he was just a few months old. Gorilla was bigger than he was! I thought for sure he would terrify Evan. Nope. He loved him from the start. I'm not sure if you can tell, but Gorilla's arms face forward, so he is permanently ready for a hug.

This is Evan with his buddies in the little bounce house we bought for him as a "Here's a cool toy, and guess what, you're a big brother to this loud, screamy guy!" present. You can see he's got Gorilla, Piggy (his real name is Hamlet), and Blue Bear. Evan would tuck all of these animals (and more!) in his arms, and walk them down the stairs, saying, "Got my buddies!" With all of his buddies at his side, he was ready for anything!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bear Bear

I would be remiss to not include Evan's favorite bear in a little compilation of Evan memories. Evan's bear was his bear before he was even born! We picked it up when I was a few months pregnant. We immediately fell in love with Cloud (that was the name on the label.) We couldn't help it. Sure, he was a cute little bear, but we are also Bear People. I can't say that the bear was an instant hit, but he definitely grew on Evan.

And before long Evan was toting his bear with him everywhere. We even got a back up bear in case the first one went missing. Around this time (or maybe shortly before), we discovered that Evan had named his bear. We had always just asked him, "Do you want your bear?" and never really called him anything. Apparently, when Evan was in the church nursery, he called his bear, "Bear Bear." And it stuck! Unfortunately, Evan discovered the back up bear and insisted on having both bears. When one of them went missing, we still had one, but he did miss his Bear Bear 2.

Evan played with Bear Bear constantly, and just had him around as his companion. He's showing him the cool vacuum cleaner here.

When it was time for bed, we always had to find Bear Bear first. There was no going to sleep without Evan's best buddy. There was one night when I couldn't find him. We were both upset. I told Evan to go on to bed and try to sleep, and I'd keep looking. I eventually found him, and tucked him into bed with my sleeping boy. In the morning Evan came running into my room all excited, "I found Bear Bear!"