Evan's Garden

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Playing Catch Up. Again. Snow Day!

We're fortunate in The South not to get a whole lot of the white stuff. We may get a little snow one year and none the next. Six inches of snow is a big deal here. Of course, we're not used to driving in it! We never get any practice! Because we see so little snow, we're able to see its beauty and enjoy it like we did when we were kids. The picture above is Evan's tree (Crape Myrtle 'Acoma,' I believe.) We planted it in 2004 when Evan was born. It's 10 years old now and probably 8-10 feet tall!

One nice thing about living on a slope is that we don't really need to go anywhere for our sledding.

The driveway ended up being the favorite spot. A longer, scarier ride! (Miranda, sporting the Birthday Hat!

The cold weather and precipitation was pretty rough on the plants. Things are coming in now and leafing out. But not everything came back.

Miranda takes making Snow Angels very seriously.

Hitting The Slope with me!

After being out in the cold, the kids, sparkly eyed and rosy cheeked, were ready for some homemade hot chocolate!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Five, Six...Pick Up Sticks

The whole country has experienced a deep freeze this winter. It seemed that winter would just linger on, even for those of us who live in milder states. And it continues to linger for those unfortunate people to our north. But here in the South we are finally (finally!) experiencing some Spring like weather. (Did I say finally, yet?!)

Every few days I take a walk in the yard to see what plants made it through the winter. I have Trillium, Celandine Poppy, Daffodils, Grape Hyacinth, and Snowdrops gracing the gardens. March is late for Daffodils, so it's fun to see them blooming with some things that usually bloom slightly later. My Deutzia "Chardonnay Pearls" aka "Duncan" looked like it might not make it last Fall, but it's leafing out now! Woohoo! The Daphne marginata that I planted on the one year anniversary of Evan's death took a beating with January's single digit temperatures. The buds died. The leaves turned brown. I thought that all was lost. But the other day when I pruned it back, I found some green bits in the limbs. So, I'm hoping for a recovery. We'll see.

As I wandered around the garden, I weeded, I moved a few things around, I put some weed cloth down, and I found lots of sticks. They were in the beds and on the grass. Big branches and small sticks. I ignored them at first. But then I decided that picking them up and moving them out of the beds (and off potential returning perennials) is an essential part of late Winter/early Spring cleanup. I hope the mild weather (normal weather, even!) will continue, and I can get out there more often and get things planted before the heat of Summer hits in a few months.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday...

to my sweet, charming prince. I love you and miss you, Evan.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Ten years ago...

Ten years ago right now I was in labor. I think I hadn't gotten the epidural in, yet. I was, um, rather uncomfortable. Any thoughts of a "natural" (that is, no pain meds) birth had left my mind. After 12 hours of labor I was ready to feel some relief. I wanted the little fella to come already. But I had a ways to go. Evan didn't make his appearance for several more hours. He was a very welcome, if cone-headed, sight!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pronunciation Really Does Matter

Duncan has become fascinated with the solar system. We've checked out books from the library, we've watched shows, and talked endlessly about the planets and space. It's been fun and educational. My favorite sciences have always been Earth sciences. Geology, meteorology (although, I suppose that could be used on other planets), oceanography. My sister was the one that knew the constellations and the interesting facts about the planets. I do know that the Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. Mostly because of a certain show called "Third Rock from the Sun." Anyway, I'm enjoying this new interest almost as much as Duncan! We look at different photos from far, far away and ooh and ahh over everything. Duncan has always been a curious little guy. Once he figured out the talking thing, he started asking questions. And I'm flattered that he thinks I know everything, but sometimes I just don't. (And I'm thankful to have Google there to help me to answer his questions!) Some of the questions lately are: "Why is there a Great Red Spot on Jupiter?" My response, "Ummm...isn't it a huge storm or something?" There are questions about heat on Venus (as well as the heavy atmosphere), winds on Neptune, and pretty much everything you want to know about Uranus. He pronounces it "Your Anus." I don't think it's an unusual pronunciation or anything, but it certainly brings out the 12 year old joker in me. "Mommy, have you ever seen Uranus?" "I might if I got a mirror." heeheehee, I laugh gleefully behind my hand. "Mommy, is Uranus on its side?" I try to remember how Uranus got its tilt and try not to lose it. "Mommy, there are rings around Uranus!" Woohoo! I may have to see a doctor about that, I think, but say, "Cool, Duncan!"  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas. A Little Late

The letters the kids wrote to Santa. That I forgot to mail. Oops! Miranda's is on the left. She says that she would like a fairy doll (I actually wrote "doll" as she was done by this point.) Duncan asks for a Lego Hero Factory character called Fire Lord. Funny. The lists got longer as we got closer to Christmas!

Christmas arrived and my little hazardous waste boy got some cool warning signs to hang up in his room...which sometimes looks like a dump!

Santa brought his annual ornament for Evan's stocking. This year is a beautiful handmade (and locally made!) wooden birdhouse with tiny little red bird.

Alon-sy! We had a very Whovian Christmas! Lots of little Doctor Who things for everyone!

Even me! Justin got me this Dalek ornament!

And the Tardis lights! I think I can probably keep those up year round, right?

A close up of Evan's 2013 Christmas ornament.

A Tardis necklace (pronounced neck-a-lace) for Miranda.

Here's a beaded snowflake ornament that I made. I was very pleased with the outcome.

And Legos. Ugh! The Legos! I experienced Lego rage as I put this together. Thankfully, Justin completed the top bit, so I could stop raging.

And the Tardis must have stopped by Cinderella's Castle, because look! It's Amy Pond! A Doctor Who companion!

We've had loads of fun with this marble run from Pop and Lala.

It was a really lovely day. The kids had fun with their new things, and we all enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa join us for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, Justin chucked the turkey he made after thinking that it might not be thoroughly cooked. So, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey casserole, etc. Nobody got sick, so it all ended up ok. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eye Update

Here's a picture of Duncan's eyes after the surgery. This is not on the surgery day, but a few days later. They were quite red for that first week, and had a tendency to cross, too. The doctor had told us that the kids that start off a little crossed tend to have better success with the surgery. It was disconcerting looking at his little face. He seemed disconcerted, too. He'd look at me. Not just look, but stare! His vision was doubled in those first few days, and it really seemed to be weird for him. He never got upset or frustrated, and thankfully, it was gone by the end of the first week. The redness has turned into just a little pink on the sides and it's not quite a month out. They seem to be straight, and any attempts to draw out his right eye has met with failure. Woohoo! Hopefully, this will be for the long term. Like, forever!

I wanted to include this picture of Miranda. This is how she came home from school the day of Duncan's surgery. Duncan was pale and pitiful and his tummy hurt. She kind of looked him over, said something about his eye surgery, then wanted a snack! She left with Grandma and Grandpa shortly after. I have to give her credit for not being her usual rambunctious self with big brother during the first ten days. He wasn't allowed to run or jump, and they both did really well at following those instructions, which is tough for kids! I never really thought that I'd have to remind Duncan not to jump or do a short run while just moving about the house. Silly me! But he did great, and is continuing to do well!